Fashion is how we express ourselves to others without speaking. The variety of styles, colors and occasions make getting dressed a daily discovery.

However, even self-described fashion enthusiasts like myself get stuck and revert into the same old “safe” outfits. Sure, they’re on trend and attractive, but they dull creativity and suppress our potential innovation.

Dressing well sets the tone for my entire day, so I’m hoping 365 Days of Outfits will invigorate my entire year.

I’m challenging myself to wear something different for 365 days. Whether I’ve styled it with different shoes, tops or bottoms, I’m hoping to learn new things about fashion, what flatters my body and find surprising combinations.

Follow my blog to keep up with my progress and get all of the details on what I wear each day.

Who am I? 

I’m a 20-something website producer at a Phoenix news station. When I’m not updating the latest news, I enjoy checking out new places in the valley and working on my fitness.

Many of the clothes you see in fashion blogs are extremely unaffordable or unrelatable to the everyday woman. 365 Days of Outfits is different because the majority of my pieces are affordable and the places I wear them are probably similar to the places you go yourself.

Champagne wishes and couture dreams,

Adriana Desiderio

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Great blog and I love your style!! You’re giving me lots of idea’s in terms of clothing/color combinations 🙂 Thank you for that!
    Would you mind if I send you an email sometime?

    – { Laura } –

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